Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Welcome to CreativePurpose

Welcome to CreativePurpose. It is the birth of a vision. A place that connects past and future. A place that brings together dark and light, fear and courage, death and life. A crossroads where an unlikely combination of opposites come together to create beauty. It is an intersection where the names of the crossroads are not as important as the intersection itself.

The intersection is known as "art".

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Aaron said...

Sounds very postmodern. But I guess we do live in such a culture (unless you're of the pursuation that we have actually progressed past postmoderism...) where paradoxes and irony live at peace with each other. Art has been one of the first mediums to embrace this in my opinion. Sometimes art is the ONLY medium in which to express the ineffable; art is a way to express the things of the soul - to ask the bigger questions in life.